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  • "My name is Brook and I am purchasing my third Basenji from Sara this April 2013. My first was a lovely Tri-colored female. My second Basenji was a retired stud: Nocturnals Ach..."
    Brook De Nault
    3 times happy customer
  • "My husband and I were lucky enough to find Sarah in our search for our second basenji, Zorro! He is now six months old, and we could not have asked for a sweeter little boy! H..."
    We love our little handsome Zorro!

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Our AKC Girls

                                                        Adele (Akila and Achilles daughter)
                                                        Nocturnals Adele
                                                       2nd pic Adele with litter mates
                                                       Fanconi direct clear! 

Adele and Bella ( both fanconi clear) Bella facing front and Adele running!

Gracie and Phoebe.....not quite sure about the Granddaughter thing!

Kolina,Annie and Drisilla.

           Alexandria                                   Akila                                          

          Direct Fanconi Clear                     Direct Fanconi Clear                              

OFA#BJ-FAC3498/9F-NOPI                 OFA#FAC3497/9F-NOPI                                                    
          AKC Registered AKC Registered                                  
      Red and White Female   Black and White Female                      

Reg:  Nocturnals Alexandria                    Reg: Nocturnals Akila                            



         Talia                            Nadea

         Direct Fanconi Clear                     Direct Fanconi Carrier 

OFA#BJ-FAC3658/13F-PI                           BJ/FAC3659/13F-PI-CAR    
             AKC Registered       AKC Registered
     Black and White Female   Black and White Female 

Reg: Nocturnals Talia                                                 Reg: Nocturnals Nadea








                        Direct fanconi carrier#BJ-FAC4527/OF-NOPI-CAR
                         AKC Registered
                          Tri Female 

         Reg:  Nocturnals Samira Tazi 

                                                     Samira Tazi all grown up!

Our AKC Registered Boys



                   Direct Fanconi Clear#BJ-FAC3921/5M-NOPI
                   AKC Registered
                       Brindle Male  
                Reg. Nocturnals Achilles the second

 Cairo (K-eye--row)

  Direct Fanconi Clear#BJ-FAC4517/1M-NOPI
   AKC Registered
            Red Male 

 Reg:  Nocturnals Prince Cairo 




Our CKC Registered Boys and Girls




                    Direct Fanconi Clear #BJ-FAC4369/1M-NOPI

                       CKC registered
                       Blue Brindle Male
                      Blue Gene Carrier

                  Reg: Nocturnals Sabir

                                                Sabir all grown up with his friend Akila!
                                                        Nocturnals Charlamaine
                                                                 Blue carrier
                                                        Fanconi direct clear
                        Nocturnals Bahiti
                             Blue carrier
                        Fanconi direct carrier